Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Voices?

In the wake of patch 3.2, I heard a report from a guildmate, Adaret, that Sylvanas' voice was different. Needless to say, I was puzzled so I went to go check it out for myself. Sadly, she wasn't kidding. While not awful, it is definitely different than the voice she had before. This version was a bit higher in timbre and, from what I can hear, a trace of an english accent in it. Rather than dark and growly, like it was previously, she sounds...well...a little more frippy. Not like "AW MAH GAWD! I LOVE THOSE SHOES!" kind of frippy, but definitely a less...menacing sounding Sylvanas--Almost kind of haughty.

Update: Heard it with my own two ears, Alexstrasza has her own voice now (of course Krasus is left out in the cold) and it seems to be by the same voice actress that did Sylvanas' remake. Still don't know why they decided to redo ol' Sylvy's voice (it's not like it was Brann's old voice or something *shudder*), but it's nice that the Queen of the Dragons has her own greetings. Continue reading 'New Voices?'