Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cardinal Sins of Roleplaying - Godmodding

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm a roleplayer and have been for a little more than three years ever since I set foot on my first RP realm, Argent Dawn. That being said, making sure I have a well-rounded character background story is very important to me and others of like mind. But where to start off...?

There are many dos and don'ts when it comes to RP on WoW. Here's a big one to avoid doing.

• Godmodding

While it's all well and good that you want your character(s) to be powerful and oh-so-awesome, there is a thin line between your toon being powerful and God Almighty. If your warrior can stop meteors with his face and still be alive and well, you're godmodding. If your mage is all-powerful and can lay waste to all he sees before him with a flick of a finger, you're godmodding. Get the picture?

There is no faster way to piss off other roleplayers than being a godmodder. For example; "Joe Bob the Warrior swings his mighty metal-clad fist and clobbers Dave the Mage square in the jaw". That's a big no-no. You cannot automatically assume how the other RPer would react towards a big fist flying at him and you're not really giving them a chance to participate. The correct way to write your emote is "Joe Bob the Warrior swings his mighty metal-clad fist towards Dave the Mage". Leave it to Dave's player to decide if he dodges nimbly to the side or if he gets a big bite of knuckle sandwich. Do that or politely ask Dave's player OOCly if Joe Bob can smash his face in.

On another note, if YOUR character is being physically accosted, take a few hits now and then. It's more realistic and adds dynamic to one's RP session.