Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Coming Storm: The Maelstrom, the Dream, and Two Possible New Allies (Part Deux)

As covered in a previous installment, I have been talking about my personal observations, quandaries, and predictions for the upcoming expansion that is looming over the horizon. Bets are on that the expansion will be predominantly set in the Maelstrom and the Emerald Dream, with Worgen and Goblins as the World of Warcraft's newest playable races. Which will be the grand finale for this installment? A show down with Queen Azshara or with the source of the Emerald Dream's corruption? It is still anyone's guess...

That being said, let me continue with my rambling... Once again, this is all fun and speculation. Some things might turn out to be true, some won't, or, who knows, maybe it'll ALL be wrong. *chuckle* (Possible spoilers ahead.)

Possible Starting Areas: Worgen

For the Worgen, I find it to be a rather no-brainer... In the last expansion to introduce new races, the Burning Crusade, Alliance got a new race in Kalimdor and the Horde got one in the Eastern Kingdoms. So that means it'll be the reverse this time around. So Worgen, naturally, will start off in Gilneas. Finally... FINALLY, we will all see what is behind that accursed Greymane Wall and it will be awesome.

Much like the addition of Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, Azuremyst, and Bloodmyst Isle, both new starting zones will need two main questing hubs and a way to connect it back to the "old world". Many theorize that, aside from Gilneas, the secondary Worgen quest hub will be Zul'Dare. Being that it is technically Gilnean land, it'd make sense to have this place be the next area of focus for any up-and-coming werewolf. Its fate is uncertain, but, popular theory and the wiki entry linked suggest, it is supposedly suffering much the same fate as Kul Tiras (ie: Boat loads of naga and murlocs).

Not to mention this area has a prime location for new wolves to be ferried to upon completion of the starter zones--Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. From there, freshly minted level 20 werewolves can continue questing there or hop on another boat to Stormwind. Works beautifully, if I must say so myself!

Possible Starting Areas: Goblins

Though this is the difficult part... There is no known area in Kalimdor that remains unused and of good reason to be inhabited by the little greenskins. Sure, there's...Hyjal. But I sincerely doubt that they'd start out there. *chuckle* No, I think, much like with the addition of Azuremyst and Bloodmyst, there will need to be a few islands tacked on off the east coast of Kalimdor. Could be an established island, only moved in location, or a "brand new" one.

What would happen there that'd have the otherwise neutral gobbos align with the Horde still remains uncertain, but I'd assume they'd have to be in some super deep shit (a la Darkspear Trolls). Whatever the case might be, a brand new island or two will be added so that they can have access to either the docks at the Barrens or, perhaps, a zeppelin tower that leads them to Durotar/Orgrimmar.

A lot of people like to think that the starting area will be Kezan, but the Undermine is home to many trade princes, all with their own methodology and views on how to run things (
My money's on Tel'Abim, if anything). The Goblins that will officially align with the Horde would probably be a splinter group (a powerful one, perhaps, but a splinter group none the less) and shouldn't be lumped in with the rest of the Goblin race (that's like saying all Trolls are the same--which they're not).


Everyone loves mounts. I know I do. Even though the knowledge of Worgen and Goblins possibly being in the works is still rather new (two days and counting), there have been many theorized suggestions at what their racial mounts might be.

Let's go with what we know (or like to think that we do):

• Worgen = Former Humans, much like the Forsaken, so they would have historical ties with the Horse, more than likely. One suggestion for a mount, that I have seen, is some sort of...wolf-horse hybrid. While it might work, I think they would most likely switch to something more accustomed to holding their weight and probably wouldn't mind a giant man-wolf riding on them.

So, in order to keep mounts unique for each race, I think just saying "another type of horse!" isn't in the cards. My suggestion? Some sort of giant bull/ox or a bison. It's big, tough, powerful, and can hold the weight of a rather large worgen.

Many people seem to want to have Plainsrunning make a comeback, but I can safely say that it'll never be a primary mode of transport. Every playable race will have a mount to insure equality and I sincerely doubt they'll change that way of thinking anytime soon. However, perhaps the ability to run on all fours will show up as a sprint animation or some watered down sprint-like racial.

• Goblins = The rivals of tinkering Gnomes everywhere, the Goblins generally make a living by selling their weapons, gadgets, and transport vehicles to the highest bidder. Therefore, their mount, much like the Gnomes, will most likely be mechanical as well. Just that it would appear to have a much higher chance of exploding. What it'll be? I'm not certain... I know it needs to jump, if anything. Though I can safely say that the often-suggested Goblin Shredder is right-out. That's a weapon/tool, not a vehicle. A Goblin rocket car with jumper boosts, maybe...? *shrug*

Or, I might be surprised and they actually have a living mount. I'd say turtles, but that seems like it'd be a general aquatic mount. So, I don't know...

Worgen and Goblins: WHY?

If the expansion is, indeed, introducing the Maelstrom and the Emerald Dream to World of Warcraft in playable form, then both of those races have a huge reason for being involved.

The Goblins are simple; Kezan is in the Great Sea and is a stone's throw away from Nazjatar and the Great Rift. I'd assume that they'd be under heavy attack by Queen Azshara's forces by now. Kezan, and by proxy, the Undermine, would likely be a neutral haven much like Shattrath City and Dalaran. Another guess would be Zandalar, the Troll capitol, but I'm not sure which it would be at this point. Both could work.

The Worgen, I'd admit, wouldn't have much to do in the Maelstrom aside from that the Naga are accosting their shores and they would, ideally, like to put a stop to it. Though, much like their unlucky neighbors, the Forsaken, the Worgen would probably be seeking a cure to their affliction. The Scythe of Elune has been a hot topic of debate and theory for many years... We did the quests for it in Ashenvale, in Duskwood, and possibly suffered an unknowing loss of it in Grizzly Hills just recently.

So NO one knows where it is now... Aside from it probably being in the hands of the Wolfcult. Which is unfortunate for the Worgen due to the fact that it was one of the causes that started the whole worgen 'plague' as we know it. The Scythe and Archmage Arugal's work (via Ur's research) are intertwined and since Arugal is dead (again), the former is the only real way to help them. To find the Scythe is to find the key to unlocking their curse.

Well... I still have more to cover, but for the sake of people's eyes, I'm going to pause now and resume my theorizing in a third part! I think it is becoming a little obvious that I am excited over all this... *cough*