Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet the Crew: Kiryl Neverov

Name: Kiryl Neverov
Age: 31, at death (Existed for 39 years total)
Gender: Male
Race: Forsaken Undead
Class: Death Knight (Unholy)
Main Profession: Interrogator
Secondary (In-Game): Engineering/Mining
Primary Language: Gutterspeak
Other Languages: Orcish, Common, and a very small bit of Thalassian and Nerubian (It's good to know what they're chittering about, after all).
Height: 6'4" (5'11" when slouched)
Weight: 125 lbs. (158 lbs. with armor and weapon, not counting packs and other gear)
Hair Color: Light blond

FlagRSP Description: An ominous figure even in undeath, Kiryl is still quite tall despite the visible signs of tissue decomposition and decompression of bone that is commonplace for his kind. The visible part of his face seen above an ever-present mask is a ruined one...

Pockmarks of decay and parasitical damage dapple his putrescent flesh, doubly so around his sunken-in eye sockets. The stench of chemicals and other acrid smelling fluids overpower any possible scent of decay that might otherwise accompany his person.

Kiryl is usually found wearing something blue, which is the color of Lordaeron's banner, regardless of it being casual wear or armor.

D&D Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Element: Earth

Birthplace: Darrowshire
Current Home: Undercity

Brief History: In life, Kiryl started out as a sheriff in the southern regions of what is now known the Eastern Plaguelands. He was born to a long line of law keepers, many of his ancestors being paladins, marshals, and patrolmen.
Currently: Kiryl is a faithful servant of the Banshee Queen, resuming his position as one of her many interrogators after breaking free of the Lich King's grasp once again. He also serves as a Lector to the Scourgebane Outriders, a cadre of death knights and their supporters that recently pledged themselves to aid the Dark Lady and the Horde in an effort to bolster their already tenuous relationship with the races of Azeroth.

Random Factoid: Originally, Kiryl wanted to be a clock maker when he was young.

Additional Note: Throughout Kiryl's interactions with players, many have wondered how he manages to speak so well without possessing a lower jaw... This is because he utilizes two voices; an ethereal and corporeal. The ethereal one is the one you generally hear when you interact with him in person or over the runic communication 'spike'. It is nebulous and echo-y, without the burden of his otherwise decrepit and worn vocal chords, and sounds like he is speaking in an otherwise human voice. I suppose I would call it a telepathic skill, but it gives the impression that you are hearing him with your ears. As for his 'corporeal' voice, that is, obviously, his real one. Being he has no lower jaw, he is basically condemned to gutteral snarls, frothing, and hisses. He generally does not use this unless he is extremely upset, hurt, or surprised (or if he is deliberately trying to unnerve someone).

Moonbiter's Comments: "Kiryl is my current main over on Thorium Brotherhood and, quite possibly, one of my most favorite characters I've roleplayed to date. I have always had a love for the Forsaken storyline being they are so incredibly tragic and can be played many different ways."