Friday, July 17, 2009

Twitterings About the Third Expansion

I will say that the wolfish revamp to this site and the news of datamined image you see above is no coincidence. I saw this image very early in the morning when it was flitting around on MMO Champion's forums--when it was still on page one. Just recently, it hit and now everyone knows about it.

When I first heard this rumor (which, in my eyes, is pretty much a fact at this point), I was absolutely thrilled. Ever since I laid eyes on the Worgen, I've always wanted to have them as a playable race. If these masks are legit and not just a well rendered hoax (I'm looking at you, evil penguin...), then popular debate is that the Alliance will soon have Worgens as their playable race, while the Horde has a subfaction of Goblins. While both races make sense, I can't help but groan a little... Apparently this game wants me to play Alliance and nothing but, being it is attempting to lure me away from the Horde with the promise of playing werewolves (one of my favorite mythological races aside from zombies and vampires). However, the idea of playing a Goblin warrior amuses me greatly... Or a rogue, for that matter.

However, much like the whole Draenei and Blood Elf whining of the Burning Crusade, this is no different--Well, at least where the Worgen are involved. Being this is the internet and people are free to spew tactless and hateful vitriol as they please, furry bashing and the like are running rampant in any WoW article that features the image posted at the head of this entry. While I am certain that some Furs will make a worgen, just as many "normal" (it is a relative term, after all) people will make one too. I don't see why wanting to play a werewolf automatically makes you into a degenerate. I mean... It's a freaking werewolf! How cool is that? If someone said that they didn't want to play a werewolf, I'm pretty damned sure they're lying.

Though that being said, if this image is true... I'm pretty certain we're going to see the Maelstrom and the Emerald Dream. Blizzard has already been dropping crumbs for us in their interviews and forum posts--putting drops of blood in the water to start a feeding frenzy, if you will--with mention of the mystery of the Scythe of Elune, "what lies beyond the Graymane wall", and so on... And I know I definately want to see what's beyond that wall! Ever since I came across it back in 2005, I've longed to see what is over there. *crosses fingers* And I hope it is Worgen.