Friday, July 17, 2009

New Beginnings!

Hello! Once upon a time, back in late spring/early summer of 2008, I started a blog called Ebon Plaguebringer. It never really got off the ground...though some of you might (and I stress "might") remember it. Anyhoo, long story short--I ran out of steam. I really wanted to make a very analytical blog about Death Knights, the class I've been dying (no pun intended) to play for so very long. But~ it didn't quite work out as intended. Heh.

So, about after a half year of letting my Blogger account collect dust, I came across a funny post on Blizzard's forums about advising people not to wear their three wolf moon t-shirts for it would bring doom upon us all! DOOM! So, yes... Two Wolf Moon; It's not quite as epic as a Three Wolf Moon, but it tries.

Anyway, I don't know why it tickled me the way it did, but it compelled me to do a revamp on this place and start from scratch. I saved a few of the posts I did way back then, just because I liked them, but other than that... Fresh start! Woo hoo!

My goal, this time around, with Two Wolf Moon is to partially do what I intended to with Ebon Plaguebringer. I do have a level 80 Death Knight, who is my main, so rants about him and his class are inevitable. However, I do also want to talk about many other topics in Warcraft that isn't just limited to DKs and nothing but. Oh-- And roleplay, of course. Did I mention I'm a huge RP nerd? *chuckle*

So! To any potential new readers, I bid you welcome! And to any readers who might remember my writing back from my short lived Ebon Plaguebringer days, hello again. Now to find some images to spruce up the place... *mutters*